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Martelli Giovanni



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Origin - South & Central American

Roast - Very High

Strength - Very Strong


Martelli Giovanni's Milano is our repertoire's most potent, darkest blend. If you thought French Roast was intense, wait until you experience this Italian masterpiece. Roasted at even higher temperatures than its French counterpart, our Italian Roast boasts an unmistakable kick, making it the perfect choice for a refreshing espresso shot to jump-start your morning.

This powerful blend incorporates beans from both South and Central America, marrying the best qualities of each origin. The South American beans contribute bold, chocolatey flavours and a robust body, while the Central American beans lend the blend a touch of acidity and a hint of nuttiness. The result is a complex and harmonious coffee, with each element complementing the others to create a cup greater than the sum of its parts.

The high-temperature roast intensifies the flavour and brings out smoky undertones characteristic of traditional Italian espresso. These smoky notes add another layer of complexity, making this blend particularly well-suited for espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, where the intense flavours can shine without being overshadowed by milk or foam.

Despite its strength, Martelli Giovanni's Italian Roast has a surprisingly smooth finish. This is a testament to the quality of the beans we select and the precision of our roasting process. Even those who usually shy away from darker roasts have found themselves won over by its nuanced flavour profile and smooth drinkability.

As with all of our blends, ethical sourcing is a key priority. We procure our beans from farms that adhere to sustainable agriculture practices and fair labour conditions. This means that every cup of our Italian Roast offers an extraordinary taste experience and reflects our commitment to ethical and responsible coffee production.

Martelli Giovanni's Milano is the go-to choice for those who crave a coffee with a powerful personality and a complex flavour landscape. Whether you're an early riser looking for that first-morning kick or a seasoned coffee lover searching for your next favourite blend, our Italian Roast promises a memorable coffee experience that will leave you returning for more.


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