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Martelli Giovanni



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Strength: Strong

Roast: High

Origin: South & Central American


Martelli Giovanni's ZIPZIP is the crown jewel of our collection, offering an unparalleled depth of flavour with a robust strength level. Miss Gofy has truly worked her magic to create this exceptional blend. If you thought French Roast packed a punch, brace yourself for this Italian sensation. Italian-style roasted at temperatures even higher than its French counterpart, ZIPZIP delivers a refreshing jolt, making it the ideal potent pick-me-up for your morning espresso.

This dynamic blend combines beans from both South and Central America, fusing the standout attributes of each. The South American beans infuse the blend with rich, chocolatey notes and a full-bodied texture, while the Central American beans introduce a subtle acidity and a whisper of nuttiness. Together, they create an intricate and balanced coffee, where each component enhances the others, resulting in a cup that is more than the sum of its parts.

The elevated roasting temperature amplifies the flavours and unveils smoky nuances that are a hallmark of authentic Italian espresso. These smoky elements add an extra dimension, making ZIPZIP exceptionally compatible with espresso-based beverages like cappuccinos and lattes, where its robust flavours can take centre stage without being diluted by milk or foam.

Martelli Giovanni's ZIPZIP has an unexpectedly smooth finish despite its strong potency. This speaks volumes about the calibre of beans we choose and the exactitude of our Italian-style roasting technique. Even those who steer clear of darker roasts have been captivated by its intricate flavour profile and easy capability.

As with all our blends, ethical sourcing remains a cornerstone of our philosophy. We obtain our beans from farms committed to sustainable farming methods and equitable labour conditions. This ensures that every cup of ZIPZIP tantalizes your taste buds and embodies our dedication to ethical and responsible coffee production.

Martelli Giovanni's ZIPZIP is the ultimate choice for those pursuing a coffee with a commanding character and a multifaceted flavour profile. Whether you're an early bird seeking that initial morning boost or a seasoned coffee enthusiast on the hunt for your next go-to blend, ZIPZIP guarantees an unforgettable coffee experience that will have you coming back for more.


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