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Martelli Giovanni

Barista Smooth Blend

Barista Smooth Blend

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Introducing Village - Barista Smooth Blend: A Tribute to Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

At Martelli Giovanni LTD, we proudly present our Barista Smooth Blend, a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. This exquisite coffee is known worldwide for its exceptional qualities, and our blend is crafted with the utmost care to capture its essence, making it one of our most cherished offerings.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is celebrated for its mild flavour, velvety body, and lively acidity. It boasts a complex flavour profile with notes of florals, nuts, and hints of chocolate. Our Barista Smooth Blend aims to honour these qualities by meticulously selecting beans from various regions, each contributing its layer of complexity to the blend.

Our search for perfection extends to the sourcing of beans from high-altitude farms that replicate the unique conditions of Jamaica's Blue Mountains. These beans are expertly roasted to precision, revealing a rich, smooth coffee with a harmonious flavour profile.

What makes the Barista Smooth Blend truly exceptional is its versatility. Whether you prefer espresso, lattes, or a simple black coffee, this blend effortlessly adapts to your preferred brewing method. It's the perfect choice to kickstart your morning or savour a relaxing cup in the evening.

Quality control is of paramount importance in the creation of this blend. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to meet our exacting standards. Only the finest beans are cut, ensuring every cup brewed delivers a consistent and delightful experience.

The Barista Smooth Blend is a testament to quality and craftsmanship in a crowded coffee market. It's not just a coffee; it's a tribute to the legendary Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, offering a taste of that extraordinary experience in every sip. For those yet to experience the original Blue Mountain Coffee, our blend provides a tantalizing glimpse into what makes it revered among coffee connoisseurs. For those already acquainted, the Barista Smooth Blend is a delightful reminder of that exceptional taste.

You can exclusively find this remarkable coffee blend in L7 Village Market, Liverpool.

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