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Martelli Giovanni

Expobar Megacrem Control Display Espresso Machine 2 or 3 Group

Expobar Megacrem Control Display Espresso Machine 2 or 3 Group

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2 Group Control Display £2,475 £19.99
3 Group Control £2,895 £22.99


  • Pre-infusion – A standard pre-infusion function allows for increased levels of consistency during the coffee extraction process.
  • Easy to operate – User-friendly display panel makes brewing espressos effortless.
  • Digital display (2 group version only) – Track your espresso making or utilise display advertising to great effect.
  • Automatic dosing of hot water – Save time and have drinks made without having to worry about extra settings or user controls.
  • Control – With four different programmes and an auto-fill boiler, you’re always in control no matter how busy your coffee shop.
  • Stylish – A minimalist design and simple colour make this an instantly attractive package.
  • Robust – Constructed out of stainless steel and built with components of the highest quality, it delivers a reliability you can trust.
  • Copper boiler with heat exchange – Utilises the heat retaining properties of copper for even better efficiency when in operation.
  • Moveable hot water tap – Rotates on a 360º plane for easy usage when making multiple hot drinks at once.
  • Swivelling steam arms – Make the very best foamed milk hot drinks with absolute ease.
  • Automatic backflush brewing group
  • Low water level automatic cut-off function


The hallmark of Expobar's excellence in the espresso machine stakes is the immensely popular Expobar Megacrem Control coffee machine.

No corners have been cut to provide the modern barista with a no-nonsense coffee-making unit that fuses both minimal stylings and powerful function.

Reliability and consistency are key to any modern coffee shop, and so, the Megacrem provides you with a full suite of features to ensure that these two attributes are met every single day.

Tried and tested technology such as 4 different programmable doses per group, volumetric dosages and a digital feedback display help makes this a no-brainer for anyone seeking an upgrade over an existing option or their very first espresso machine.

Design plays a key role in the coffee shop and cafe market, an area that Expobar have addressed spectacularly with the unassuming but attractive stainless steel design that is accented beautifully with a black finish for an added visual flair, softening sharp edges and drawing attention to the import areas of the machine.

Internally the Megacrem Control has a copper boiler with a heat exchanger for each group and a pressure relief valve to ensure consistent, safe coffee extraction.

Each group head includes a direct pre-infusion chamber, as per industry standard, for a much more consistent extraction process with every single usage.

The built-in volumetric motor pump ensures that every dosage is pinpoint precision guaranteed, with two retention valves and a solid particulate filter ensuring that you don't end up with horribly gritty espresso.

Externally, you can expect to find 2 or 3 brewing groups, two steam arms for simultaneous usage during the busiest periods and one hot tap for true expert crafting of speciality coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos and americanos.

The display panel on the 2 group model provides an accurate account of the number of coffees brewed per day, brew timings and a further information to help manage your coffee making.

Expobar espresso machines offer exceptional quality, simple but functional aesthetics with robust features and form factor that makes them perfect for any coffee shop or cafe environment.

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