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Martelli Giovanni

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

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Costa Rican Tres Rios Blend: A Symphony of Brightness and Complexity

Roast Level: Medium

Strength: Medium to Full-Bodied


Our Costa Rican Tres Rios Blend is a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Costa Rican growers have mastered. Sourced exclusively from the esteemed Tres Rios region, this coffee showcases Costa Rica's bright acidity, complex flavours, and a consistently high-quality cup.


The aroma of this blend is nothing short of captivating. It greets you with a vibrant and fruity bouquet, featuring notes of citrus, berry, and floral undertones. The scent is so fresh and inviting, like a prelude to the symphony of flavours that await.

Flavour Profile:

Costa Rican coffee is celebrated for its intricate and balanced profile. This blend is no exception, offering a refreshing but not overpowering bright acidity. The coffee dances on your palate with smooth and clean notes of chocolate and caramel, culminating in a fruity finish that varies depending on the specific microclimate of the Tres Rios region.


The body of this coffee is medium, striking the perfect balance between weight and texture. It has a substantial satisfying mouthfeel without being too heavy or oily, making each sip a pleasure.


The finish is long, pleasant, and memorable. A lingering sweetness is complemented by a subtle hint of acidity, adding depth and complexity to the overall flavour profile. It's a finale that leaves you eagerly anticipating the next cup.

Brewing Recommendations:

  • Pour-Over: To highlight the coffee's bright acidity and complex flavours, use a medium grind and a 3-4 minute pour.

  • Espresso: For a more concentrated experience, opt for a fine grind and a brewing time of 25-30 seconds.

  • Cold Brew: For a refreshing summer treat, steep coarsely ground beans in cold water for 12-24 hours.

Pairing Suggestions:

  • Morning: Pairs beautifully with a light breakfast like yoghurt and fresh fruits.

  • Afternoon: Complements a lemon tart or a berry cheesecake, enhancing the coffee's fruity notes.

  • Evening: Enjoy it alongside a plate of assorted cheeses or as an after-dinner sipper.


The Costa Rican Tres Rios Blend is an ideal choice for those who appreciate a bright and complex coffee. Its versatility makes it suitable for various brewing methods, and its consistent quality ensures that each cup is a delightful experience. Whether you're a seasoned coffee lover or looking to explore beyond the ordinary, this blend offers a rich tapestry of flavours that will impress.

Indulge in the Costa Rican Tres Rios Blend and elevate your coffee experience.

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